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Labs in Need from Individuals

Last updated July 28, 2016 Other labs in rescues and shelters

Whenever possible, GGLRR will post Labs for individuals who must find a new home for their pet. Dogs on this page have not been met and evaluated by GGLRR and are not part of our program. We only provide this listing service as a courtesy for a month to Northern / Central California Labs and assume no responsibilities for the dogs posted on this page. Please contact if you have a dog you would like us to post on this page and provide the posting as you would like it to appear on the page.. Please note since we are a Lab Rescue, we only list Labrador Retrievers or Lab-mixes that appear to be mostly Labrador.

We welcome donations from those who benefit from our maintenance of this web page.

We encourage you to check PetFinder or Adopt a Pet for labs that may be available from other rescue organizations. For additional dogs in need of new homes, please search:

Labs and Lab Mixes Available from Others

San Jose Lab: Handsome, unaltered male Yellow Lab, 2 years old, ~ 80 pounds, available at San Jose Animal Care Services

This handsome boy was found as a stray and taken to San Jose Animal Care Services. He doesn’t have a name yet, but he’s a really good looking, very sweet boy with a lot of energy. SJACS says he’s 2 years old, which is still a puppy in Lab years. He’s a typical active young Lab who doesn’t seem to have had a lot of socialization or training. He passed his behavior and dog to dog meeting at the shelter. He does have ear infections (not uncommon in Labs), but was not sensitive to having his ears handled.

He did well being handled and did ok with his food test but did gobble faster when the bowl was removed. He’ll need to be watched carefully when he’s around food with other dogs.

His ideal family will be one that is very experienced working with and training young, active large dogs, especially Labs. The right adopter will be able to handle him physically but will especially need to provide strong and consistent leadership to help him be a responsive and well-behaved family member. Because of his size and energy level he should go to a home with older children, age 10 or 12 and above. His adopter will need to commit to taking him to training or working with a trainer. We think he hasn’t gotten that kind of attention in his previous home, so he has some catching up to do to get to where he should be at this age.

If you are interested in adopting about this handsome fellow, click here to contact SJACS. His ID number is A0999433. You can also meet him at the SJACS shelter at 2750 Monterey Road, San Jose, CA. Check the website for hours and let them know Lab Rescue referred you.

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Cayo: 3yr old black lab mix, Chico, CA

Cayo is a very loveable dog with a funny and adorable puppy-esque manner. My girlfriend and I got him as a rescue when he was a few weeks old. He is 3 years old now and has good foundational training (sit, lie down, comes when called). He’s a big boy with a lot of energy and is eager to please and just wants to be loved all the time. He loves to hike, swim, play, catch and cuddle. He’s also a great guard dog and needs a lot of space to match his size and energy. He is good with small dogs but has spent a lot of time as the only dog and hasn’t been able to get out much in the past year so he is skittish and can be aggressive with some medium/large dogs (especially behind a fence or on a leash). But he has great potential to be re-socialized with the right person and time. He is adored and well loved and this decision to find him a new home has been a very difficult one for us. We have to move at the end of July and simply cannot take him with us. He has a crate, bed, cover for the back of a car, toys, food/water dishes, leash & collars that I am willing to send with him for his and a new owners benefit. Please only serious inquiries from someone who is truly looking for a long time companion and wants to give a lot of love and attention to him. If you put in the work with Cayo, you will get so much more back in love and entertainment from him.

If you're interested please contact Matt Rit at 850-607-4230.

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Cork: Black Male Lab, 8 years

We have a back lab that needs a new hope ASAP. We have an 8-year-old black lab that we acquired when he was 1 1/2 years old. We have a toddler and they don't get along so are looking for a new home for Cork. He was bred for hunting but is gun-shy. He just wants to play fetch all day. I've never had any problem with him off-leash both locally playing fetch or in the woods. Cork is very friendly with people but will not do well with little children or other dogs. We have two labs, Cork and another from different mothers. They play well together so I'm sure Cork will get along with other dogs once he settles in.

He was a rescue dog we acquired when he was a year old. We knew the mother of the first owner and they were just too busy for him. He wasn't abused but neglected and wasn't socialized with other dogs. We've had him for 7 great years but our grandson comes first.

He is in good shape. We hike in the hills with him. Also took him cross-country skiing. He's small for a lab, only 60 lbs. Up-to-date on his vaccines and neutered. He doesn't lick! And sheds less than most labs.

We need to find him a new home without little children.

Jim Koren, Cupertino, (408) 373-7800

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Sylvia: Female Yellow Lab / Shar Pei Mix

Hi everyone my name is sylvia, I'm a young lab mix. I originally came from the County Shelter in Fairfield. I was found as stray. Then the nice people at the Solano SPCA transferred me to their shelter. I'm a very sweet and active girl and the shelter staff says I'm super smart. I'm good with cats and i like active social dogs. I'd do best with larger sized dogs as I'm a little much for small ones. I need an active home with preferably older children as I can be a little rude.

SPCA of Solano County (Vacaville)

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Nina: Black Female X, 8 years, 65 lbs.

Hi Friends, my name is Nina and I have a dream.  I dream that I am the family Labrador, kids climbing over me and slipping me snacks, puppy kisses and unconditional love all around.  Running around the yard with my two legged brothers and sisters.  Playing in the sun.  My very own collection of toys.  A warm bed to lie my head.  And best of all, a family to call my own!

Now, as an orphan, not too much is known about my past but people have always told me not to dream. Don't get your hopes up.  But I wouldn't stop! Not even when I was put all alone in a scary place where death surrounded me.  It was called a "shelter" but it didn't feel like shelter to me - it was scary!  But I didn't give up, I kept dreaming!  After all, if we really, really want something, we really, really try, if you add a little magic puppy dust, dreams do come true - I know, because it is happening to me!  You see, the Defenders of Dogs, the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno, looked into my heart and they saw my dreams. They saw me sitting in that shelter, so sad that I was left behind. They knew I had a destiny more to fill! Now they are trying to find me a home where I will be loved and cherished as they say I deserve.  Isn't life grand?!?

Now, while I am looking for my furever family of my own, I get to live in a house with not one, not two, but three little boys!  That is happiness on six feet, let me tell you!  The little one thinks I am a pony, the middle one and I are a comedic team.  The oldest is in school and very smart - I love it when he comes home at the end of the day and gives me a hug!  My Labby Heart wants to be the other mother, to kiss their booboo's, to see them safe.  I am good on a leash, potty trained, and will sleep in a crate if you like. I love to play with stuffed toys and collect them in a pile.  I love belly rubs - I have years without them to make up for.  My dream can come true if only you will see – that I can be the missing piece in your almost perfect dream.  You, me, our two legged family - add puppy dust and love, life doesn't get any better!  Won't you please make me part of your family? Please?

Nina is available for immediate adoption.   She loves kids and would make a great family dog.   She is trained in the basics, house trained, leash trained, and is past the destructive stage. Nina is best in a home as an only pet.   If you would like to adopt this sweet girl, please fill out an application at our website:

And from us to you, please help us continue to spread the word: Adopt, Spay, Neuter, Foster, Volunteer, Donate.  Together we can ensure these beautiful creatures all have a story book life with a happily ever after ending.  

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Henry: 5 year old male

Henry is a 5 yo unaltered full bred male. The son of a great duck hunter and ranch dog, Henry was the runt of the litter. As you can see from the pictures, he has outgrown that status.

Henry is a just a love who wants to be with or near someone as much as possible. While he will fetch a ball or swim for hours, he is also happy just laying around. He is not aggressive (although he does bark when someone knocks on the door), plays well with other dogs, is good on a leash, and loves children.

Henry disappeared for a few months in 2014 (see the web link below). When he finally made his way back home, our household situation had changed a bit - kids off to college, other dog in the home had passed from old age, and Mom went back to work full time. He now experiences some bouts of anxiety (which I understand can be common in Labs) and licks his front paws until they're inflamed. Whether this is/was caused by his adventure away from home or the change in our household, we just don't know. We do know that when we are able to be with Henry longer hours during the day, the licking tends to stop. Facing some additional changes in our household, we just don't feel that we are able to give Henry the attention that he so deserves and truly needs.

Henry would do well and adapt in almost any situation. His #1 need is simply being with or around people. He is a beautiful and loving dog who just wants to please. Henry's Big Adventure

Christie Sweeney


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Pepper: 4 year old spayed female

Pepper is a friendly, cute, 4 year old lab mix. She was rescued from a high kill shelter. She is medium size and weighs 38 pounds, is microchipped, spayed and vaccinated. She is very friendly and gets along with adults, kids and dogs. She does best with male dogs and submissive females. She has not been cat tested. Pepper is house trained, knows how to sit and walks decent on a leash. Pepper is looking for a family who can spend a lot of time with her.

Contact Charlene at 650-465-9669.

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Tommy: 3 year old neutered male

Tommy is a friendly, 3 year old black lab/retriever mix. He was rescued from a high kill shelter in Sacramento. He weighs 85 pounds, is microchipped, neutered and vaccinated. Tommy is house trained, knows how to sit and walks decent on a leash. He does pull on the leash when he sees a dog so does need some leash training. Tommy is nervous around kids so should be in an adult only household. He is looking for a family who can spend a lot of time with him. Tommy is located in a foster home in Oakland.

Contact Charlene at 650-465-9669.

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We Need Your Help!

Even with all our volunteers, it costs a lot to save and place 300 Labs a year. There are costs to bail-out these dogs from the shelters along with vet and temporary kennelling costs when no foster homes are available. Please consider a donation of cash, vehicle, or even your time through volunteering.

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