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Labs in Need from Individuals

Last updated September 22, 2014 Other labs in rescues and shelters

Whenever possible, GGLRR will post Labs for individuals who must find a new home for their pet. Dogs on this page have not been met and evaluated by GGLRR and are not part of our program. We only provide this listing service as a courtesy for a month to Northern / Central California Labs and assume no responsibilities for the dogs posted on this page. Please contact if you have a dog you would like us to post on this page and provide the posting as you would like it to appear on the page.. Please note since we are a Lab Rescue, we only list Labrador Retrievers or Lab-mixes that appear to be mostly Labrador.

We welcome donations from those who benefit from our maintenance of this web page.

We encourage you to check PetFinder or Adopt a Pet for labs that may be available from other rescue organizations. For additional dogs in need of new homes, please search:

Labs and Lab Mixes Available from Others


Can you help Humane Society Silicon Valley find this wonderful boy a new home? His name is Goliath and he is at least 10 years old and around 60 pounds. Goliath came to us in horrible condition and he is hearing impaired, still very thin, and had multiple masses that had to be removed and biopsied (they have all come back benign.) Goliath needs someone who will give him a very loving and stable retirement home. He repays any act of kindness tenfold, and is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met! He gets along well with large and small dogs, loves belly rubs, and is a leaner! He does not like to be in the yard by himself and really wants to be with people! He is happiest when he is getting babied! To learn more, please contact Jeri at HSSV, (408) 262-2133 ext. 185.

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Romeo & Coco:

Romeo, or ‘Yoyo,’ a healthy and handsome 56 lb. male neutered black Lab-­‐Collie mix, estimated at 8 years of age, and Coco, a 56 lbs female spayed chocolate Lab mix, estimated at 10 years of age, need a loving home. Their former owner, a wonderful neighbor, took in rescue animals—she never sought them out—and gave them a happy home. She recently lost a three and a half year battle with lymphoma, a blood cancer. Yoyo is a very smart, playful, and healthy dog. He would do well in a home with something to do during the day and maybe with another dog for company. He loves walks, runs, and bike runs. Coco is a mellow and healthy dog. She is gentle and cautious at first. Once she gets to know you, she is very friendly and seeks out attention. Coco loves walks, and when prompted will keep up with you while running and on a bike. Both dogs have lived with multiple cats for most of their lives, and do well when introduced to other dogs. They also did very well with foreign students who boarded short-term in their home.

Please contact either of us if there is any interest in giving Yoyo or Coco a forever home (they do not need to be adopted together): Jeff Ruda 415-­‐609-­‐5531 cell, 530-­‐758-­‐8192 home or Liz Chalfant 530-­220-­2425 cell, 530­-758-­4609 home. 9/8/14

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Solomen: 4 year old male Lab mix

Solomon has a very special soul.

Solomon is a 4 year old male Lab mix we rescued from Chowchilla.

Eager to please and treat motivated

Would make a great running or biking partner

Great in his crate

Can show dominance with people and dogs, so a dog-savvy home would be best

Needs structure and guidance; would likely do best as a single dog or with submissive female

Currently weighs 67lbs

Adoption fee: $250, includes neuter and current vaccinations. Additional donations always welcome.

Contact Jill Leiva,

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Murphy: 5 year old neutered lab mix (lab/doberman/shepard) 65 lbs

Hello! My name is Murphy and I am looking for loving owners who will give me just as much love and affection as my mom has over the past 4 years. She is very sad to have to give me up but unfortunately she has to move into a new apartment which is not dog friendly and will not be able to take me with her.

As you can see I am quite a cutie pie, people always stop and tell my mom what a handsome boy I am. Besides being good looking, I truly am an affectionate and loyal companion. I have all the energy of a lab puppy but I am very calm inside the house, I don't bark inside, destroy anything, steal socks or chew anything except my own toys. I also live with two kitty friends who I get along with just fine.

I am crate trained and house broken. It would be great if I can move into a house with an enclosed backyard so I can spend more time outside. I do need to be kept in an enclosed area as I have been known to run off if I'm not on my leash and I am fast and very hard to catch up with. Since my mom lives in an apartment I have been an indoor dog since she adopted me and I sleep either on the side of her bed or on my own doggy bed. Sometimes I even like to curl up in my crate as there is always a comfy pillow in there for me.

I get along with people and love attention. I'll admit I do sometimes get overly excited when I see new faces and I can't help but jump all over them. I am a bit strong and I don't know my own strength, but I mean no harm I just want to show my affection. I was in training classes when I was first adopted but there are still a few commands I'm a little shaky with like 'down' but my vet says that even though I'm not a puppy anymore I am very smart and I learn quickly.

I like other dogs and love to play, even with smaller dogs. The only time I might bark at another dog is if they start aggressively barking at me because I admit I can be a big scaredy cat.

I am up to date on all my vaccinations and am healthy, my mom has taken very good care of me. I am heartworm free and take a dual heartworm/flea prevention every month.

If you are interested in me please please contact my mom, she would be happy to have you meet me or answer any of your other questions. She is devastated that she has to give me up and wants to find me the best home she can.

cell phone: (650) 224-9371

Melanie Standig

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We Need Your Help!

Even with all our volunteers, it costs a lot to save and place 300 Labs a year. There are costs to bail-out these dogs from the shelters along with vet and temporary kennelling costs when no foster homes are available. Please consider a donation of cash, vehicle, or even your time through volunteering.

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