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Labs in Need from Individuals

Last updated February 1, 2016 Other labs in rescues and shelters

Whenever possible, GGLRR will post Labs for individuals who must find a new home for their pet. Dogs on this page have not been met and evaluated by GGLRR and are not part of our program. We only provide this listing service as a courtesy for a month to Northern / Central California Labs and assume no responsibilities for the dogs posted on this page. Please contact if you have a dog you would like us to post on this page and provide the posting as you would like it to appear on the page.. Please note since we are a Lab Rescue, we only list Labrador Retrievers or Lab-mixes that appear to be mostly Labrador.

We welcome donations from those who benefit from our maintenance of this web page.

We encourage you to check PetFinder or Adopt a Pet for labs that may be available from other rescue organizations. For additional dogs in need of new homes, please search:

Labs and Lab Mixes Available from Others

Pepper: 4 year old spayed female

Pepper is a friendly, cute, 4 year old lab mix. She was rescued from a high kill shelter. She is medium size and weighs 38 pounds, is microchipped, spayed and vaccinated. She is very friendly and gets along with adults, kids and dogs. She does best with male dogs and submissive females. She has not been cat tested. Pepper is house trained, knows how to sit and walks decent on a leash. Pepper is looking for a family who can spend a lot of time with her.

Contact Charlene at 650-465-9669.

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Shadow: 1 year old neutered male

Shadow is a 12 month old lab/border collie mix. He was rescued from a high kill shelter. He weighs 45 pounds, is microchipped, neutered and vaccinated. He is house trained, knows how to sit and walks good on a leash. Shadow is super smart and learns fast. He will go to the door and tell you when he has to go outside to potty. He likes to play ball, play with his toys and other dogs. He likes to go on walks and to the dog park. He would make a great family dog. He is looking for a family who can spend a lot of time with him. He is in a foster home in Redwood City.

Contact: Charlene at 650-465-9669.

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Tommy: 3 year old neutered male

Tommy is a friendly, 3 year old black lab/retriever mix. He was rescued from a high kill shelter in Sacramento. He weighs 85 pounds, is microchipped, neutered and vaccinated. Tommy is house trained, knows how to sit and walks decent on a leash. He does pull on the leash when he sees a dog so does need some leash training. Tommy is nervous around kids so should be in an adult only household. He is looking for a family who can spend a lot of time with him. Tommy is located in a foster home in Oakland.

Contact Charlene at 650-465-9669.

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Brooklyn: 7 year old neutered male

Brooklyn is a male 7 year old pure-bred black lab. He has lots of energy, is very active, and most people assume he’s only 1-2 years old by the way he looks and plays. He could easily handle hours of running/swimming/playing activity each day. He’s in good health, neutered, is current with all vaccinations, and is microchipped. He had some allergy issues for a number of years, and we would give him regular allergy injections. However he’s been off of the treatment for the past 2 years and hasn’t had any issues.

He has basic obedience training (sit, down, stay), is fully housebroken/potty-trained, and is crate trained. He’s fine staying indoors without destroying furniture, or can stay in his crate for longer periods if needed. He LOVES to swim and play in the water, no matter how cold it is. He walks well on the leash and does great off leash as well, in the right environment. He gets along very well with other dogs, but for the most part tends to ignore or have little interest in other dogs. At the dog park he’d much rather find a person to play with him or throw the ball than be with the other dogs. When off leash at a park or field, he tends to just stick close by us and will not run off.

At home he’ll usually relax and lay around, but tends to bark a lot when someone comes to the door or he hears a car door close right outside the house. He gets very excited when new people come over, and gets a little bit jumpy (in a friendly way). That usually subsides and he relaxes once everyone is inside and settled. When he’s not getting the attention and activity he needs, he’ll tend to whine at the door to go in and out a lot, or sit outside and bark to get attention. Occasionally he’ll get a kid’s toy out and show it to us to grab attention, but doesn’t normally chew up or damage stuff in the house.

The reason we are looking for a new home is that we can’t devote the time to providing him with the activity he needs. We work long hours and have two young children which take up all of our time. When we are home Brooklyn has become pretty disruptive to the kids and the routine, which is most likely due to the lack of attention he has been getting lately. With extended activity (1+ hour a day) his energy and barking at home mellow out quite a bit. An ideal home would be somewhere he can get lots of attention and activity, and somewhere where occasional barking throughout the day/evening (due to outside noises or guests) won’t disrupt the family.

We have 2 crates, a leash/harness, dog food, and toys that would be donated with him. We also can provide a check up with a vet before the adoption. We are located in Morgan Hill, CA and are happy to meet with you and bring Brooklyn along. We ask for a donation to Golden Gate Lab Rescue in lieu of any adoption fee.


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Sparky: 1 1/2 years old, male, Lab-Cattle dog, 64 lbs.

Sparky is incredibly smart, very treat motivated, sweet, trainable, energetic, and super social. When at the park, he's the chair of the dog social committee. He's happiest when dogs want to play and run with him. If they don't want to play with him, he's respectful and leaves them alone.

Sparky is VERY smart. In 1 1/2 months, he has learned to sit, stay, leave it, drop it, heel, find it (find treats when we throw them on the ground), no bite, wait, come, roll over, and lie down. Our claim to fame: he can close cabinet doors (the command: touch). He's housebroken and treats our house and most of our belongings with respect. We leave him home alone for about 6 hours at a time, but could probably be OK with longer time periods.

He's great outside when I'm talking to a neighbor, he waits patiently on his leash. He's fine with kids coming up to him and giving him treats.

He talks like Chewbacca when he wants something. He gets into arguments and makes compelling arguments that he belongs on the couch. He also loves to play hide and seek. When he wants attention or hasn't had enough exercise, he does get a little naughty. He’ll take socks, shoes, tupperware, paper, and then hides under the bed.

He's interested in being top dog, so he'll need everyone to show them that they're above him. He does best when given consistent discipline reminding him that he's not top dog. But because he is so treat motivated, he responds quickly. He only barks when he's super bored or hears people at the door.

He sometimes nips when he gets bored playing outdoors, wanting someone to play with him. We have mostly trained that away by giving him a job (catching a ball or a stick) or throwing treats on the ground. But sometimes he grabs a pant leg and pulls for a few seconds.

He's decent off leash, but sometime blows us off if something is more interesting (like another dog). He always comes back to us. He plays gentle and rough with other dogs, listening to their signals.

We think his ideal situation is living with 1 or 2 people who can keep him in line. We are a family of 4: husband, wife, boy 12, girl 8. With so many of kids coming in and out of the house, we think he sometimes gets a little stressed out.

We are happy to talk with you more about him, contact us at

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Phoenix: 5 year old female

Phoenix has a lot of energy, is loving and is very eager to please. Good with kids and people. After 5 years Phoenix has started to attack our Lhasa apso who recently had to become and outside dog. In the best interest of both dogs she needs a good home. She is healthy but not spayed.

Phoenix is located in Vacaville.



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We Need Your Help!

Even with all our volunteers, it costs a lot to save and place 300 Labs a year. There are costs to bail-out these dogs from the shelters along with vet and temporary kennelling costs when no foster homes are available. Please consider a donation of cash, vehicle, or even your time through volunteering.

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