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Who To Contact

If you are interested in a specific Lab listed on our website, please call the GGLRR Rescue Representatives for that Lab on the Labs Available page. If you wish to be considered for our pre-approved adopter program, or have another general question for Lab Rescue, please call one of our Reps who covers your telephone area code (the pre-approved adopter program is not available for the dogs in the Monterey area). If you do not reside in one of the area codes listed below, contact another rescue organization or animal welfare agency in your area (see Resources). We can best serve you if you provide the following information when leaving a message:

Our Rescue Representative will discuss your interest in Lab Rescue and how we might be of assistance. As appropriate, our Representative will mail the necessary paperwork to you, answer your questions and, in general, facilitate the adoption process.  Some reps have listed their emails below for an initial contact. However after that contact we found that live phone calls are the best way to make well-matched adoptions.

Please keep in mind that we are an all-volunteer organization and it may take a day or two for our representative to get back to you if you leave a message.

GGLRR Lab Rescue Representatives for your Area Code (8am - 8pm)

Our volunteer Reps are donating their personal time & phones so please only call during reasonable daytime hours (8am - 8pm).

415 Area Code
Candace 415-860-5456, (text or email)
Michelle 415-265-3652, (text or email)

650 Area Code
Katy 650-796-3596 (call or text) (surrenders only),

707 Area Code
Judy 707-480-8469,

408 Area Code
Debbi 408-613-2044 (surrenders only, no texts)
Kris 415-652-6091 (call or text)
Mitzi 408-529-7616 (Text)

510 Area Code
Susan 925-212-4468 (surrenders only)
Michelle 415-265-3652, (text or email)

925 Area Code
Dave 415-686-4248
Katy 650-796-3596 (call or text),

If you have left a message for one of the volunteer reps listed above and haven't received a return call within a few days please call the alternate rep (or another rep if there is no alternate for your area code).



President - Katy Jenkins Courtney
Vice President - Dave Ely
Treasurer - Liz Frome
Secretary - Mary Gumlia
Educational Chair - Sandy Markuse
Fundraising Chairs - Cindi Wilson, Federica Judica
Jennifer Dekker-Davidson
Debbi Behrman
Bill Porter

Contact Information

Mailing Address: 268 Bush Street #4322, San Francisco, CA 94104

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