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Special Thanks to our Volunteers and Supporters!

It takes a village to save a Lab! There are so many people to thank for their time and money to rescue Labs from the shelters, fund veterinary treatment, provide temporary housing, and place the Lab in a loving forever home. Here are some of the people currently helping with Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue -- thanks to them on behalf of the over 400 Labs (424 in 2011!) saved by them each year! Thank you also to the many who contribute financially -- they are recognized in our newsletters. Please consider helping us by volunteering your time and/or donating money/services.

Some of our volunteers and why they got involved with Lab rescue Businesses providing discounted services
Sylvana - VP & Phone Rep
Liz - Treasurer & Phone Rep
"I happen to love the Lab breed so I chose Lab Rescue. It puts a smile on my face and my heart when I find a dog a good home and they walk away wagging their tail with a smile on their face."
Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care, in San Ramon

Sandy- Phone Rep
"I volunteer with Lab Rescue because I love this breed and want to be able to give others the opportunity for love and happiness that a rescued Lab can bring."

Nikki - Photo/Video
Many of the special photo/video shoots to make the Labs look their bet are thanks to Nikki! Read her Tailsnaps pet photography blog.
Wendy - Foster
"My fabulous dog Oso came into my life through GGLRR and he brings me unconditional love, laughter and joy every day. I want to help bring other wonderful dogs together with the people they deserve."
Jennifer - Web Marketing
Facebook, Twitter, PetFinder, AdoptAPet and more.
Adobe Animal Hospital

Park Animal Hospital
Dr. Robert Arrick
Cindi - Correspondance Secretary
"I volunteer with GGLRR, not only because of my love for the gentle, loving, playful Labs dogs, but because all of the other volunteers at GGLRR and their continued commitment to the Labs."
Angela - Shelter Rep
"My dog Murphy has brought so much joy to my life that I realized I wanted to rescue other Labradors and give back."
Sebastopol Vet
Debra - Phone Rep
"I wanted to give back to GGLRR because we have gotten two wonderful dogs from you. It is my way of saying 'thank you' and helping other labs in need."
Liz & Mike - Foster family who has fostered more than 150 dogs! Blue Oak Veterinary Hospital in Jackson (Amador County where we also foster dogs)
Darlene - Foster Mom
"We have fostered over 109 labs for lab rescue. We love what we do and we are honored to have had so many labs share our home and then get adopted and live a great life with their new families."
Tuwana - Foster Mom
With yellow Lab, Walter, sends a doggie bag home with each foster she places to help them remember her ;)
Sunnyvale Veterinary Clinic

Diane - Foster Mom Cindy - Foster Mom Lori McIntosh Photography
Specializes in pet photography. Donates her services to show our rescued Labs at their best.
Laura - Foster & Fairs

Janet - Foster Mom
Pet Food Express
Location for GGLRR adoption events. They supply our kennels and various other supplies for our fairs.
Frances - I foster Labradors because I love the breed, I love being part of an organization dedicated to finding great homes for dogs deserving of a second chance, and I love working with a corps of volunteers dedicated to the well-being of these great animals. Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue is a wonderful organization where meeting the dogs’ needs is always a top priority. What could be better than that?

Kris - My love for Labs started when a friend could no longer keep hers. I was just out of school and in an apartment and couldn't take her myself, but my brother and his family were able to adopt her. She captured everyone's heart, definitely an "old soul." After we lost our own Lab about two years ago, that's when I started fostering and just recently adopted our Lucy from GGLRR.

Excel K9 Diet
Supplies us with food and toys for some of our rescued dogs. Gives a 10% discount to GGLRR adopter's 1st order.
Debbi - I love retrievers, and Labs are extra special retrievers. I am so happy to be involved in finding great families for such wonderful dogs.

Carolyn - My love for animals drew me into this organization who truly care about helping these wonderful dogs and have been put into a situation they didn’t deserve and certainly can’t change without our help.
K9 Country Club

Mike H. - pet fairs

Mark Rogers Photography
Mark Rogers

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