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Welcome to Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue!

Lab Rescue Overview

GGLRR is an all-volunteer, nonprofit tax-exempt organization in the greater San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California.  Our Lab Rescue team saves purebred Labrador Retrievers and Lab mixes from shelters, as well as assists people giving up their dogs for adoption.  We provide foster homes, veterinary care, and rehabilitation when needed, and place them with loving, forever families. Read some of our happy ending Stories.

Our services are limited to the greater San Francisco / Oakland / San Jose Bay Area (including up to Napa and down to Monterey/Carmel) and encompass the following area codes:  408, 415, 510, 650, parts of 707, 831, and 925.

Please read about adoption options and process on our how to Adopt page, or see our Labs looking for homes and those recently adopted under Labs Available.

Show your support of lab rescue by shopping in our GGLRR logo and Lab merchandise Store. Profits from our product sales go towards helping more homeless Labs.

GGLRR rescued 280 dogs in 2017 (300 in 2016, 275 in 2015 and 300 in 2014!) but the need is far greater with so many people losing jobs and homes or other reasons for abandoning their dog. If you want to help Labs in need, please consider adopting a rescue/shelter dog, making a Donation of cash/vehicle, or donating your time as a Volunteer. GGLRR and the Labs we rescue are very appreciative of all the tremendous support we receive -- thanks to the people and businesses who are contributing their time, services, and money!

Michelson Found Animals - Saving Pets Challenge 2018

Hi folks, Patty here!

As you can see, I am ready for the beach with sunglasses, hat and all. This dream of mine is possible because of you! I have gone from wandering the streets of Ukiah; to being rescued by GGLRR; put into a wonderful foster home and now I hear I will be adopted by this family who have seven kids. (I do have enough energy to keep up with them!)

We are still in our Saving Pets Challenge.

We really wish to thank those of you that have donated already to this fundraiser. Because of the money raised so far, GGLRR is already helping dogs who need medical care. My Lab rescue brother GUNNER is scheduled for a big dental - 14 teeth to be extracted - and he owes the surgery to YOU and your generous donations through this campaign!

But we have more Labs in need and more continue to knock at our doors; they are getting matched to the funds we are receiving through this campaign. GGLRR saves about 300 dogs a year and when they heard about this campaign they got all excited because they wanted to raise funds so they do not have to turn any LABS in need away!

If you have not donated to this campaign, please consider helping us.

You can donate at this link

There are also phenomenal prizes for us to win:

  • • The team that raises the most during the Challenge wins a $50,000 donation
  • • Second place gets $30,000
  • • Third gets $20,000
  • • Fourth gets $10,000
  • • Fifth gets $5,000
  • Another way to help is to share with friends and family so that we can reach new Lab Loving friends like you!

    Thank you again!

    With Love & Lab Kisses,


    I will forever be grateful for what GGLRR has done for me.

    To learn about the latest in Lab rescue activities online, follow us on:

    Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue


    Thank You San Jose Animal Care Services

    Elvis is a 6 too 7-ish Black Lab/Hound mix who came to us via San Jose Animal Care Services (SJACS). This elegant dog about town was filthy and skinny and clearly neglected when he was found. After a supposedly routine heartworm test we learned that this sweet boy was heartworm positive at a Level 3 (the second to most serious level), and we immediately began his treatment. The treatment is time consuming and not cheap, and SJACS generously jumped into the breach with a $2000 grant from their Guardian Angel Program (GAP). Elvis is now 60 days into his 120 day treatment, has gained some weight, and is doing well with his foster family (other than a bit of counter surfing, a tendency to want to go walkabout and a passionate obsession with chickens!). So far Elvis is tolerating the treatment well.

    Elvis is available for adoption now but will require a commitment to see his treatment through to his being heartworm free. Thanks to SJACS we are able to cover the cost.

    Lab Rescue wants to give a huge thank you to SJACS for their GAP funds for his treatment, and a big thank you to Dr. Waxman and the Cardiology team at Sage for their great care of him!

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    Animal Rescue Podcast

    Listen to Rescue Rep. Dave Ely talk about GGLRR and his experiences with saving Labs on the Pawprint podcast. Click for the podcast.

    Learn more about Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue.

    Senior/Special Needs Fund

    We are inaugurating a new fund designed to help with the expenses associated with rescuing senior, special needs and dogs that have chronic illness. Increasingly, we are seeing senior dogs and those that have chronic conditions that have gone untreated, being surrendered, dumped at shelters, or abandoned. Due to the shortage of space, most shelters will not put dogs with even minimal health issues up for adoption. The cost of treating these dogs is prohibitive on their limited budgets and they are not able to re-coup their costs through the adoption fees.

    Lab Rescue wants to be able to save more of these dogs, to get them the treatment they need and adopt them out to new homes where they will be loved and receive the care they need to remain happy and healthy. These dogs may have diabetes, Addison's disease, epilepsy or other chronic conditions, including severe allergies, that can be managed with regular vet care and (often inexpensive) medications.

    We hope you will be inspired by the stories of the wonderful Labs we have been able to save and adopt to their forever families with your generous help.

    To donate, please follow the instructions on the Donation page and designate "Senior / Special Needs Fund"


    GGLRR is in urgent need of caring, qualified foster homes. Many wonderful Labs are in need of our help to find new, life-long homes and families. Without foster homes where they can be safe and receive the care they need to prepare them for adoption, we will not be able to save deserving Labs. If you would like to learn more, please go to the Volunteer Page. Follow the Next Steps at the bottom of the Volunteer Page to contact us.

    More about GGLRR

    GGLRR exists to:

    Essentially GGLRR facilitates the placement of unwanted Labrador Retrievers into loving new homes. We have a spay/neuter requirement for all dogs that we place. If a dog has been abused or needs medical attention, we provide emotional and medical rehabilitation. Individuals who desire to adopt Labrador Retrievers must first contact one of our rescue representatives for adoption screening before being introduced to any of our dogs. Our primary purpose is to provide good homes for Labrador Retrievers who might otherwise be abandoned or euthanized by their previous owners. Through education, we seek to reduce the unwanted dog population and increase responsible pet ownership.

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