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Video: Mary on leash walk with Diesel

Mary: ~3 to 5-year-old female chocolate Lab/Shepherd mix 75 lbs spayed

Background: Mary found herself injured and homeless in the Yolo County Shelter. She may have been hit by a car, we don’t know for sure, but in any case she had several fractures, one of which needed surgery. UC Davis generously stepped in and gave Mary the surgery she needed, and her fosters have done a fantastic job with her physical therapy exercises. Now that she is recovered, we need to find sweet goofy Mary that wonderful home that we know is out there for her somewhere!

What Mary’s foster says: Mary is such a sweet, affectionate and goofy girl, with the energy and playfulness of puppy. While it seems like she hasn’t spent much time with other dogs, she gets along well when properly introduced. In her time with Lab Rescue, she has lived with both large and small dogs. She is fine on her own or with an older, patient canine buddy to give her guidance and companionship. She has gotten much better on leash during her walks, but sometimes reacts when she sees another dog or kitty or squirrel. She knows “sit” and “down,” is treat-motivated and a quick learner. As with other dogs, Mary is initially wary of new people, but warms up quickly once she meets them. She has considerable energy in spite of the injury to her leg, goes on three walks a day and does simple physical therapy exercises. She just completed hydrotherapy and was a superstar at all of her sessions. Since everything is so new to her, she responds best when approaching new situations patiently and carefully. Mary enjoys napping and car rides, is fully housetrained and sleeps on her bed through the night.

What Mary’s Rescue Rep says: If you want a dog that still has puppy in her but without the nipping, chewing, and housebreaking of a young puppy, Mary is the girl for you! Mary is a super sweet, affectionate dog loves her walks, likes to play, is appreciative of belly rubs and is more than ready to meet her forever family. She takes treats gently, loves giving kisses and getting pets. Her fosters have done a wonderful job both managing her recovery from surgery and teaching Mary basic obedience and how to be a terrific companion dog. We’d like her forever family to be one that finds pleasure in training and the bonding that comes from working on new skills together.

Since Mary has been with Lab Rescue she’s made remarkable progress in recovering from her injuries. While she’ll never run marathons or hike the Pacific Crest Trail, she wants (and needs) to take nice long walks every day (a tired dog is a good dog!). Like all Labs, you’ll want to keep her weight down and her joints healthy (she can share your Omega 3’s and glucosamine). A fit and active retired/semi retired family with dog experience would be a good fit for Mary. Mary would do very well with an older dog to show her the ropes (but no cats!). If there are children in the home, they should be age 10 and above (due to her size and lack of exposure to kids). Mary would do best in a home without cats.

Medical information: Mary has graduated from her physical therapy with great success. (See Mary at her last underwater treadmill,

Mary is spayed, heartworm free and on preventive, micro chipped and up to date on her shots.

Mary is located in: Concord

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