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Winnie: 2-year-old, female spayed, yellow Lab, 65 pounds

Background: Long human work-hours found Winnie (AKA Winchester) in the back yard during the day left to her own devices. She grew lonely of solitaire. Corn hole wasn’t so fun playing by yourself. She even started cheating playing checkers against herself. It was just no fun. Something had to change. The fact that Winnie seemed to suffer from epilepsy with the occasional seizure complicated her care. Winnie’s humans decided to take the difficult step of giving her up with the hopes that she’d find a home with folks around more often. We applaud their tough decision and are delighted with the chance to find her a new fabulous forever home.

What Winnie’s former owner says: We just work too much to take care of her. She is a great dog, so well behaved. Winnie is house-broken and crate-trained. She has been socialized with other dogs, but we just don’t get her out enough to play with other dogs. Winnie likes to ride in the car and swim and fetch. She’s been great with kids and terrific with other dogs, but has never had any exposure to cats.

What Winnie’s Foster says: Winnie is one laid-back mello-yellow girl! She is very affectionate, house-broken (uses our doggie door) and I have yet to hear her bark! She seems selective about where she does “business” - she prefers grass (like most dogs!). We have left her home alone with our dog for a couple of hours and she did not get into any 'trouble' or chew on anything in our house. She could use some leash training and maybe some command training but she does know “sit”. She’ll very politely sit right in front of you to get some affection. Did I say how easy going Winnie is? She is fine with our dog, our cat, and even met our chickens and tortoises without too much excitement.

What Winnie’s Rescue Rep says: One cutie petutie! Winnie suffered occasional seizures with her former owners, so she likely has some form of epilepsy. For a two-year-old dog, she is incredibly calm and easy-going… bordering on aloof. She is a four-legged Zen master. She is not a wild-and-crazy goofy young Lab (please check out Dino if you want young and crazy) but has a gentle Dalai Lama outlook on life. Loves her walks but also loves relaxing near her humans. Great dog for not-so-active folks looking for a faithful companion.

Medical Information: Winnie is current on vax, heartworm negative, microchipped, and spayed. She has been placed on an anti-seizure med to combat the epilepsy and reduce/prevent future seizures.

Winnie is located in: Walnut Creek.

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