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Thor: 8-year-old male black Lab 105 pounds neutered

Background: Surrendered by his owner due to landlord issues, Thor had been living predominantly in the backyard and garage. He had not been getting many walks or much exercise. We are delighted with the opportunity to find this big guy are new home.

What Thor’s Foster says: Thor (we are calling him “Bear”) is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever met! He just wants to be loved. He is ready for a very easy walk, and will be happy to follow you around the yard for some exercise. Bear is crate-trained, and sometimes has to be woken up in the morning, he is a wonderful sleeper, and is a great inside companion too. Bear has met a couple of our chickens who decided to hang out with him. He wasn’t interested in playing with them and just ignored them – he even allowed them to eat out of his dog bowl. He isn't very toy driven, but loves affection and will do anything for praise.

What Thor’s Rescue Rep says: Thor is a handsome purebred English Lab – we have all his papers and lineage. Likely 20+ pounds overweight, this guy is one tail-wagging, happy-go-lucky fella. During his intake, I took him to a local dog park and he loved meeting all the dogs; had a hard time keeping up with them running around, but he was totally in the play mode. “Big Bear Dog” Thor needs a committed adopter who will follow a solid fitness and nutrition program. Not sure how he is with cats. Needs some refresher training on leash-walking, but he loves his walks.

Medical Information: Thor hadn’t seen a vet in more than three years. His skin is in pretty bad shape; missing fur in quite a few spots. Thor just visited our vet and was brought up to speed on vaccinations. The vet confirmed that he needs to lose ~25 pounds. Thor does have an ear infection and skin infection that we are now combating with various meds. His fur has already started to grow back on those patchy spots, and his coat has regained a nice shine.

Thor is located in: Oakley.

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