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SPARKY - 6+ year-old (will turn 7 in June) Yellow Lab-Mix Male, Neutered, 103 Pounds
(Sparky's father was a chocolate Lab and his mother was a Lab, Newfie, Great Dane mix)

Sparky came into Lab Rescue as an owner surrender. His family has had him since he was a puppy so the decision to re home him was a difficult one. Sparky's parents divorced a few years ago, and Sparky moved with his mom from a large home with a backyard to a townhome without a yard. Sparky's mom has been managing a knee problem, and it has limited her ability to get Sparky out and exercised. Most recently, she found out she will be needing a second surgery which will restrict her activity even more. In addition, there is a neighbor that has never been a fan of Sparky's since the day he moved in (she has complained that he barks when he's home alone and doesn't like to see him being walked around the complex).

Upon meeting Sparky, Lab Rescue found a big, friendly, and somewhat mellow guy (while in the house). Outside, is a dog that's eager to go! He is better controlled with an easy walk harness and does respond to correction; the owner put him through training earlier, but after her injury, she was unable to reinforce his training.

Sparky is housetrained and his former owner reports he could be left in the house, without issue (except some barking as reported by the neighbor). He has lived with a cat and is being fostered with a cat. Sparky does well with most dogs, more so females.

As of the writing of this profile, Sparky has been in a foster home for a few weeks ( with both a canine and feline sibling) and this is

What the Foster Says:

Sparky is very well behaved in the house, sleeps on the floor next to our bed and likes to sprawl on the floor. He loves the dog park and really enjoys long rambles where he has ample opportunity to sniff and greet other dogs. He is very happy-go-lucky. He knows how to swim and has retrieved a few sticks and a retrieving dummy! Not so interested in balls yet. He also likes tug with rope toys. He definitely has energy to burn and seems overjoyed to be out and about every day. Sparky is eager to join you on your adventures; while he may not have any idea what the plan is, he definitely wants to be a part of it!

We have left him home with our dog and cat and he was fine. On work days, the routine is to take the dogs to the park in the morning, home with our dog and some time out at midday, and another walk in the evening. Other days, he has come to work with his foster and is well behaved. He’s eager to greet new arrivals in the office (he quickly discover the UPS driver carries treats!) and is happy to be out and about with the foster making rounds.

Always up for an adventure, Sparky has been sailing and a passenger on a small power boat and is content to be with his people doing their people stuff on land or sea. He’s always happy to meet new people and make new friends. He is not always calm in the car but this has improved as the routine of daily car rides to the park sinks in. We have him on a tie down, otherwise he has vaulted over the seats to be in the drivers seat, but he is improving.

He knows “sit”. We are working on “stay” & “wait”. “Down” is still a work in progress. He pulls a bit on leash but responds to correction. He knows his name. Off leash he likes to wander and sniff but doesn’t tend to go too far and comes bounding back when called.

He is a very sweet boy. No problem with cats at all. He would love to be part of a family that wants to do things out and about with their dog.

What Lab Rescue Says:

We'd like to see Sparky in a home where he will get the exercise and activity he was accustomed to previously. He was raised with children and teens, 10-17 years of age, and although he'd likely enjoy the company of younger/smaller children, he could potentially (and unintentionally) knock a small child over. He would do well as an only dog, or with another compatible dog (with proper introductions). He has lived with a cat and is presently being fostered with one. As with all of of our rescues, we'd like to see Sparky living in the house with his family, where he will be spoiled, pampered and better yet, allowed on the sofa.

Medical information: Sparky is neutered, microchipped, heartworm free and up to date on vaccinations. Sparky came into our program slightly overweight, but has trimmed down nicely with 1.5 cups food/twice day and exercise!

Sparky is located in: El Cerrito.
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