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Video: Oso and squeaky toy

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Oso: 17-month-old male chocolate Lab 75 pounds neutered

Background: Life throws us curveballs… and Oso’s owner is facing some major challenges and life-changes that necessitate Oso going to a new forever home where he can be properly cared for and thrive. Oso is currently happily hanging out with another yellow Lab named “Gronk” [for you Patriot fans] and three cats.

What Oso’s Owner says: With great sadness and dismay, I must say “goodbye” to my pal Oso. He is very friendly and loving – the happiest dog I have ever known. I got him as a puppy from a breeder in Ocala, Florida. My plan was to train him to be my service dog, but now realize that he is too much for me to handle and afford. Oso was recently diagnosed with hip dysplasia by a vet here in Vacaville shortly after we arrived last fall. Oso will occasionally limp at the end of an active day – it is hard to hold this guy back as he wants to romp all the time. Oso spends the night sleeping quietly in a crate near my bed. He has attended several obedience classes in the past, but is a bit out of practice with commands. Oso plays with another dog (Gronk) and kids in a big yard daily. Loves to fetch and chase. I will admit that he and Gronk are permitted to sit on the furniture. Oso does cry a little during car rides. I will miss this guy terribly, but hope his future forever family will provide the life that he deserves.

What Oso’s Rescue Rep says: OMG! This guy is an absolute hoot. May be too rambunctious for small children. Great with other dogs and cats.

Medical Information: Oso is in fine health with the exception of his hip dysplasia. His adopters will have to manage his activity level and romping so it does not exacerbate his condition. Ongoing pain reliever/anti-inflammatory med will likely help. Like many retrievers, Oso suffers from recurring ear infections if his ears are not properly dried after adventures in the water. Current on distemper, microchipped, and neutered. Will soon get a Rabies vax and heartworm test.

Oso is located in: Vacaville.

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