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Videos: Mitchell and the kiddie pool

Mitchell and the mud bath

Mitchell and the tennis ball (not)

Mitchell: 7 year old, black Lab, male not yet neutered, 65 pounds

Background: Mr. Mitchell was snagged by a dog catcher in the central valley in mid June. Since he had a microchip, the local animal services kept him on an extended stray hold and endeavored to contact his owner to no avail. No one came looking for him. Zip. Nada. Are you kidding me? What the heck!

What Mitchell’s foster says: Mitchell falls into routine easily and has been a dream to have around. He's very inquisitive and aware of his surroundings on our routine walks and already knows the house he needs to return to. During his first bath he stood still like a champ and seemed to enjoy the drying time immensely. Mitchell sleeps through the night. During our visit to a vet recently Mitchell had no adverse reaction to the two cats that were lounging in the office. Mitchell is a total love bug and does not tire of frequent pat, rubs, and hugs. I am falling in love with this guy.

What Mitchell’s Rescue Rep says: One great dog! House-broken. Sleeps soundly thru the night. Absolutely loves to go on walks – pulls a little bit on leash. He seems a bit spooked by passing cars when walking on the sidewalk near traffic. Would be fine with a family with children and another dog.. and maybe even cats.

Medical Information: Mitchell appears to be in good health – still needs to be neutered. He was showing some limpness/favoritism on his front left leg. No visible sign of injury beyond that slight limp. He is current on Rabies vax and distemper vax… and is microchipped. We intend to get him to our vet in the near future for a wellness check.

Mitchell is located in: Oakley.

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