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Video: Mary on leash walk with Diesel

Mary: ~ 5 year-old, female spayed, chocolate Lab/Shepherd mix, 75 lbs

Background: Mary found herself injured and homeless in the Yolo County Shelter. She may have been hit by a car, we can’t know for sure, but in any case she had several fractures, one of which needed surgery. UC Davis generously stepped in and gave Mary the surgery she needed, and her fosters have done a great job with her physical therapy exercises. Now we need to find Mary that wonderful home that we know is out there for her somewhere!

Since Mary has been with Lab Rescue she’s made a remarkable progress in recovering from her injuries. She is a super sweet dog, affectionate and appreciative of belly rubs. She is walking reasonably well on leash, and has learned how to meet and be with other dogs. She is doing well as an indoor dog (we think this was new to her) and with a little work, should be a wonderful companion dog!

Mary’s lucky adopter will need to continue Mary’s physical therapy exercises, which include slow walks a few times a day. Mary has also started underwater treadmill therapy and we’d like to see her complete the remaining sessions, which will end in August.

What Mary’s foster says: Mary is such a sweet, affectionate and goofy girl, with the energy and playfulness of puppy. While it seems like she hasn’t spent much time with other dogs, she gets along well when properly introduced. In her time with Lab Rescue, she has lived with both large and small dogs. She is fine on her own or with an older, patient canine buddy to give her guidance and companionship. She has gotten much better on leash during her walks, but sometimes reacts when she sees another dog or kitty or squirrel. She knows “sit” and “down,” is treat-motivated and a quick learner. As with other dogs, Mary is initially wary of new people, but warms up quickly once she meets them. She has considerable energy in spite of the injury to her leg, goes on three walks a day and does simple physical therapy exercises. She just started hydrotherapy and was a superstar at her first session. Since everything is so new to her, she responds best when approaching new situations patiently and carefully. Mary enjoys napping and car rides, is fully housetrained and sleeps on her bed through the night.

What Mary’s Rescue Rep says: Think of Mary as a puppy in a 5-year-old dog body; after having spent a few days with Mary, it’s clear that her original humans did not take the time to teach Mary much of anything or expose her to the world. In spite of that, this is one super sweet dog, and she deserves a loving home with humans who will enjoy teaching her how to behave with new people and in new situations, and teach her basic obedience training. She takes treats gently, loves giving kisses and getting pets. She participates well in PT exercises (even though she’s not wild about all of them). Mary has good energy and when her recovery is complete she would like to engage in active play (although not running and jumping) and long walks, which will help keep her fit and mobile for the rest of her life.

Whoever adopts Mary will be one lucky family! The ideal family will have someone home during the day to work on her physical therapy (not difficult, but they do take time) and the training she needs to be the wonderful companion dog she has the potential to be. If there are children in the home they should be age 8 and above (due to her size) and dog savvy enough to be gentle with her during her recovery. Mary would do very well with an older dog to show her the ropes.

Mary’s new family must commit to taking Mary to training, and a training deposit (refundable when training is completed) may be required.

Medical information: Mary is well on the road to recovery but has some distance yet to go. She has several exercises that need to be done anywhere between 2 and 4 times every day; they are not hard or overly time consuming but they are very important to her recovery. Mary has dysplasia in one hip and a reconfigured joint in the other (as a result of the surgery after her accident). She should get 2 -3 slow walks every day to ensure she puts weight on her leg, and then eventually build up her stamina with longer/faster walks. She will require the same kind of ongoing management that an adult Lab with joint issues requires: keeping her active but not running and jumping; keeping her weight down; joint supplements (she can share your Omega 3’s).

We’ll share complete medical & post op records with interested adopters. Mary is spayed, heartworm free and on preventive, micro chipped and up to date on her shots.

Mary is located in: Concord

If you are interested in adopting this cuddly chocolate bundle of love that is Mary, please contact Rescue Rep Debbi at (preferred) or 408-309-7830.

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