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Maggie: 4-Year-Old Female Yellow Lab Mix 56 pounds, Spayed

Background: Maggie came to us from the South Bay. She was found as a stray and the person who found her took her into the shelter but no one came to claim her.

What Maggie’s Foster Says: Maggie is good with men, women, and dogs alike, but her first love is for her ball. Have a budding Serena Williams or Cy Young in your family? Maggie would love someone who enjoys throwing the tennis ball for her- she could play for hours on end. She is definitely ball obsessed, something we’re working on. (Mainly by limiting her access to toys... we switched the ball out for a cloth tug of war rope.)

She is good in the car, enjoys having her nose out of the window and is happy to stay in the back. She does worry you might leave her and cries when the car turns off, so be ready to take her with you when you’re getting out of the car.

She welcomed her crate and knew just what to do. Sleeping in the crate was a perfect way to make her feel safe and warm. I also used it as a way to calm her energy after eating, so her breakfast could settle in. She’s a very good eater and happily accepted 2 cups at breakfast time.

She loved the beach and enjoyed romping in the surf. She was good not to drink much sea water and while I’m sure she would have preferred off-leash, was very good about being on- leash, while our other dog was off. She does pull, so you need to be strong to handle her, but I think she may not have had much leash time.

She has a lot more energy than our dog and isn’t super interested in her, but we’re working on getting them to engage with one another. They played a little tug of war today, which was fun. There was some initial jealousy over the ball- Maggie is obsessed and faster to catch it, but our dog has managed that by losing interest. I do think she might be best as only/primary dog. Our dog is definitely marginalized by her dominance.

She’s also respectful of food- I just left crackers and hummus on our outdoor table while I went in to get a drink and she didn’t touch it. She does need to chew on something from time to time which I’ve managed through No Hides.

We’ve been playing relaxing classical music- last night and today, which I really think helps her to fall asleep. She’s currently napping on a pillow next to where my husband and I are sitting, enjoying the violin and harp sounds.

What Maggie’s Rescue Rep Says: First and foremost, Maggie is ball obsessed! When I met her at the shelter, we played a lot of fetch, and Maggie could have played for days! She is fast, athletic, drops the ball at your feet and backs up, ready to go! She knows sit, down, and shake- maybe more. She rides well in the car and gets a little anxious when you reach your destination. She does pull a bit on the leash, but because of her smaller stature, she's not dragging you down the street. Maggie will require LOTS of exercise and someone to throw the ball for her. A family may want to invest in a ball launcher. Seriously! She'd make a great running partner and might be a candidate for nose work classes, too. No idea how she is with cats. She isn't really interested in other dogs, especially if there's a ball in play. Taking into account how she's been in her foster home, she would probably be best as an only dog as she can be dominant with other dogs. Maggie would do great with an active family that can give her the vigorous exercise and attention she needs on a daily basis.

Medical Information: Maggie has a discolaration on her nose which we will have biopsied. She is up-to-date on vaccinations and is heartworm negative.

Maggie is located in: Tiburon

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