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LUNA: 9 Months old Chocolate Female Lab 60 pounds - Spayed

Background: Luna was purchased from a breeder at 8 weeks of age and the owner is having a baby and knew she could not keep up with Luna’s needs. She gave Luna to her mom and dad but they need to find Luna a new home as they can’t keep up with a young active dog. They have had Luna for a few months now and it is very hard for them to do this but they know it is the best for Luna. (They love Luna but they want to give her a better life.)

What Luna’s Owner says: Luna has been around all people and kids as young as three years of age. They describe Luna as exuberant, not a shy dog, not an aggressive dog she just wants to give everyone love; humans and other dogs. She is a very smart dog and knows a lot of commands but she can be stubborn and choose to not always follow those commands. She is a very active dog and loves to ride in the car and go places. She loves to swim, is allowed on the human furniture and will counter surf if given the opportunity. She loves to play a good game of fetch , go on long walks and she loves to go to the dog park to see her friends. She gets out for a long walk each night, gets to play fetch each day, will play with my husband in the yard and loves tug of war. Luna needs more training as she will jump up on people when she is excited, she will bark when excited and will chew on almost anything. She is crate trained but we do not leave her alone that often; maybe 1-2 hours. She adores other dogs and is very friendly with them. She is the submissive one and loves to chase the other dogs. The commands she knows: Sit, Stay, Down, Come and Drop. If Luna needs to be corrected we will take her toys away and ignore her or put her in her crate.

What Luna’s Rescue Rep says: We are looking for a home for Luna that has the time for a young energetic PUPPY! Luna is an awesome dog but she needs EXERCISE, EXERCISE and more training. We are a huge fan of the saying, “A tired dog is a good dog.” The family has done a great job with Luna but they just are not able to keep up with an active Lab. We are looking for a home that will set Luna up for success, a home with a secure yard and a home that had large dog experience.

Medical information: Luna is up to date on her shots, microchipped and spayed. She has no health issues; on healthy girl! Luna is located in San Rafael.

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