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Gracie: 2 Years Old, Spayed Female, Black Lab, 80 pounds (could stand to lose 10-15 lbs)

Background: Gracie has clearly been loved and well taken care of. Her parents contacted Lab Rescue after making the difficult decision to rehome her as Gracie's dad was recently diagnosed with cancer and has been in and out of the hospital, leaving Gracie home, or in boarding. Prior to her dad's illness, Gracie was accustomed to trips out and about to the park, regular walks, and swimming, always sitting shotgun in her parents' pick-up truck.

What Gracie's Former Owner Says: Gracie is a happy and energetic young girl that loves to play. With my husband's cancer diagnosis, we've had to leave Gracie home, or in boarding with multiple and frequent trips to and from the hospital. It's not fair to Gracie, and we want her to have the life she had when my husband was well, a family and home where she will get the love and attention she deserves.

What Gracie’s Foster says: Gracie is a sweet, fun loving girl who loves all people and dogs. It took her a few days to settle into a new home but once she did her beautiful personality flourished. Gracie enjoys going for long walks in the neighborhood and playing in the backyard with my 7 yo male lab. She is a great retriever and we are working to reduce her weight. Gracie also did well playing with other dogs at the dog park. She gets excited meeting new people for the first time but is very gentle taking a treat. While she loves to play, Gracie can settle down when needed to. She sleeps through the night in her dog crate. I have to keep a close eye on Gracie during the day while working from home because she will steal the TV remote, a book, my glasses when I get distracted. The good thing is that she is not destructive and gives it back to me a little wet without any damage. Gracie is a healthy, happy two year old with a big personality.

What Gracie’s Rescue Rep says: Gracie is one happy, sweet, and energetic young girl. Upon our first meeting, she was hard to handle as she jumped all over me in excitement (ripping a hole in my sweater). Her owner reports she does jump on new people, and by our second meeting, Gracie wasn't as jumpy and slightly more manageable. She rode beautifully in the car, but getting out of the car was a different story. Let's just say, Gracie is one very active and excited dog. In addition, she's been cooped up for the last couple of months since her dad's illness, so she has a lot of pent up energy. Upon arrival at her foster home, she was so elated to be running in the backyard and loved chasing the foster's dog and giving him kisses whenever she could.

Gracie will require an active household where she can get daily, rigorous exercise. Swimming would be an added bonus; her parents used to take her swimming often. We would like to see Gracie in a home where she won't be left for long stretches of the day, where she'll be an integral member of the family. She is young and needs supervision as she will occasionally grab things in the house and run off with them. I'm sure Gracie would appreciate an equally playful canine sibling. She is very excitable and jumpy and could unintentionally knock over a small child so an adult household or home with teenagers would be better suited. Her family reports she didn't react to neighborhood cats and liked their pet rabbit so she may do okay with a cat.

Medical Information:Gracie is in fine health… current on vaccinations, heartworm negative and microchipped. She needs to lose about 10-15 pounds which should be easy as she receives the exercise she's been lacking the last couple of months.

Gracie is located in: Mountain View.

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