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Videos: Goldie and toy

Goldie and rope toy

Goldie and little Pele bopping around

Goldie walking on leash

Goldie: 9 year old spayed female, yellow Lab, 65 pounds

Background: Adopted two years ago from the Nevada Humane Society, life was looking good until her owner found himself living in his car and unable to properly care for Goldie (who was named “Sport” at the time). A woman in Placerville cared for Sport for a short period of time, before her current good Samaritan foster took her in and committed to caring for Goldie until a permanent forever home could be found.

What Goldie’s caretaker says: I’ve had this gal for four months and endeavored to nurse her back to good health and find her a fabulous forever home. I named her “Goldie” – as “Sport” did not describe her very well. Her heart is golden. Goldie is friendly, loving, patient, easy-going and fun. She sleeps on a dog bed in my bedroom. Goldie does fine if I go out for a few hours so long as my own dog Pele is hanging out with her. But if I take Pele to the vet (without Goldie), Goldie will lie by the front door and whine a little bit. She loves her brief walks – she has lost some weight in my care as she was pushing 90 pounds when I got her. She plays daily with my our 11-pound rescue dog Pele. Loves to ride in the car. Loves to swim. The veterinarian advises that Goldie suffers from two torn ACLs on her rear legs… so that slows her down a little. But I’ve started her on a pain reliever/anti-inflammatory med and that is helping a lot. I think she prefers not to be alone – she wants to be with her people. House-trained but not crate-trained – she does fine free-roaming my house – doesn’t get into any trouble.

Goldie has seen two cats on my neighbor’s porch.  When we walk by Goldie will look at them but no lunging.  My friends in Placerville had a cat that was hiding behind some outdoor furniture and Goldie kept going over to try and roust it (she was off-leash).  She didn’t bark at the cats in those two situations.

What Goldie’s Rescue Rep says: What a delightful dog. Playful and engaging. Loves playing tug with a rope toy. Very easy to walk on leash – and, boy, can she walk fast. She does not have the softest mouth though – watch out for your fingers. Does great with other dogs off leash. Did snarl at one dog on leash; might have been due to her hurting back legs. Goldie would do great in a family with another dog and/or with children (that do not try to climb on her).

Medical Information: Goldie is current on Rabies and Distemper vax, microchipped and spayed. She recently had a urinary tract infection that is pretty much resolved now. Her torn ACLs don’t seem to slow her down. We intend to get her to our vet in the near future for a wellness check.

Goldie is located in: Richmond.

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