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Dexter: 1.5 Year Old Male Chocolate Lab, 65 pounds, needs to be neutered (Lab Rescue will coordinate with adopter)

Background: Dexter was reluctantly relinquished to Lab Rescue by a loving family who due to an unforeseen housing change, couldn't have Dexter with them. Dexter has been well taken care of and was clearly loved by his family. His dad sent him with Dexter's personal box of toys, including a slow-feeder bowl and some treats.

What Dexter's Former Owner Says: Dexter is very loving, obedient, kind, and always ready to play. Dexter is housebroken and even trained to ring a bell when he needs to go out. Dexter knows a number of commands: sit, stay, down, come, drop, leave it, fetch, wait, and off. He loves to play with other dogs but needs to be supervised as he often wants to mount them. In time, this should subside after he's been neutered. He loves playing fetch and rides well in the car.

What Dexter’s Foster says: Dexter is a goofball, sweet-natured, and a very large exuberant puppy! Dexter's favorite activity is to play fetch with you. He will bring the ball back to you over and over. However, since he is not yet neutered, he can also be a bit of a pest to our own male Lab. We trust the two dogs together and we trust Dexter in our house when we go out. Dexter knows several commands but could use a brush up with his leash walking. Best of all, he is bell-trained, which is super useful in getting his human's attention when he needs to go out. He also knows how to use a dog door. Dexter will alert bark when he sees someone new or hears someone walking by on the street. This is usually just one quick bark to tell his humans that he is aware of someone. Dexter is not like most Labs in the respect that he is not a chow hound. He doesn't eat quickly nor will he eat his entire meal at once. We think the ideal family would have a backyard for him to play fetch in. He will, of course, need to have lots of exercise each day. And he would love to have people at home with him for good chunks of the day. Dexter is very loving. It is very evident that he was extremely loved and taken well care of by his former family. He is going to make another family very, very happy.

What Dexter’s Rescue Rep says: Dexter deserves lots of action and exercise in his life. He will thrive in a home where he won't be left alone for long stretches of the day with a backyard where he can romp and play. I'm sure Dexter would appreciate an equally playful canine sibling that would also appreciate him after Dexter is neutered. Would be fine in a family with children. We don't know how he is with cats, but his former owner said he would bark at them so a home without cats is probably best. Dexter does bark at unfamiliar people and dogs (not in an aggressive way, but more because he wants to say hello and play). His new family will need to be able to work with him on this. I took him to a vet clinic where there were several other dogs and people; Dexter has a deep bark and pulled towards dogs to say hello, some of which weren't game for playing which resulted in us having to walk away out of sight of other dogs. Dexter is strong and can pull on the leash, but responds to direction.

Medical Information: Dexter is in fine health… current on vaccinations, heartworm negative and microchipped.

Dexter is located in: Belmont.

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