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Video: Bandit enjoying a back scratch

Video: Bandit fetching his toy

Video: Bandit exploring the yard

Bandit: 9 y/o black neutered male Lab mix, 70 lbs

Sweet Bandit will steal your heart once you get to know him. One belly rub and you'll be smitten...

Background: Bandit's owner's adopted him as a puppy from the SPCA. He lived with them happily for many years and grew up with their kids. About a year ago, his owners moved to a new rental home that did not allow pets. They thought they had a plan for Bandit to stay with their mother but that plan fell apart after the mother moved. So Bandit moved back in with his owners where they hoped to keep him under the radar of the landlord. Unfortunately the landlord found out (as landlords always do) and served the family with a 3 day notice to remove Bandit from the premises. Faced with few alternatives and no family and friends who could take him, the family drove 3+ hours each way to bring Bandit to Lab Rescue as they trusted us to find him a loving new home.

What Bandit’s Rescue Rep says: Bandit is a sweet happy playful dog who loves attention and his favorite activity is hanging around with his people. Exploring the yard and taking walks around the neighborhood are his cup of tea, he's not really the kind for a several hours long hike. He takes treats with a soft mouth and would make a great companion dog. He alert barks when strangers come to the door. Bandit doesn't like the mailman's truck - we think maybe because it makes a sound similar to a truck that hit him when he was young. Bandit does fine riding in the car. Bandit has lived with other dogs in the past and his owner says he is good with cats. He did fine meeting other dogs on leash when we had him out in the park. Bandit walks reasonably well on leash though he will pull if there is something that he wants to see. He’s a mellow guy with just a tiny bit of an independent streak so you know he’s thinking …

Medical Information: Microchipped, up to date on shots, and heartworm free. Bandit has a limp from when he was hit by a truck when he was 1 year old. He doesn't do well with stairs so a single story home is preferable.

Bandit is located in: Redwood City

If you are interested in Bandit, contact Rescue Rep Katy at 650-796-3596 (call/text) or

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