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Fundraisers to Help our Labs

In addition to the generous contributions we receive from our supporters, adopters, and other donors, GGLRR also benefits from various fundraising endeavors throughout the year. Thanks to the generosity of businesses across the Bay Area, we are able to raise much needed funds for our rescue efforts at these entertaining events and activities.

Michelson Found Animals - Saving Pets Challenge 2018

We are thrilled to participate in Saving Pets Challenge 2018 competition! This campaign will run throughout the entire month of May.

We are starting Week Two of the campaign and we are incredibly thankful for the donations received so far as we continue to keep going forward because this campaign and *YOU* can help save so many labs that dream for a happy Summer in the comfort of a forever loving home.

There are also phenomenal prizes for us to win:

  • • The team that raises the most during the Challenge wins a $50,000 donation
  • • Second place gets $30,000
  • • Third gets $20,000
  • • Fourth gets $10,000
  • • Fifth gets $5,000
  • And weekly Bonus Challenge prizes: this week, the organization that raises the most wins $5,000!!

    We hope you consider making a donation for these wonderful Angels and sharing from the donation site which makes a tremendous difference because it helps us reach more Lab lovers with our message! We could not do it without you by our side, you make it possible!

    Every week we will provide updates, share our stories and post pics of our so deserving labs.

    To Donate to GGLRR - Saving Pets Challenge

    Our Hercules has kicked off the competition for us!

    Not only are these fundraisers financially beneficial for GGLRR, but are great fun for everyone who participates as well.

    We are signed up with the Amazon Smile and Amazon Wish List programs. And we have a special fundraising effort for the older and special needs dogs. Please check the home page for details of the Amazon program and the Senior/Special Needs Lab Fund.

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