Fosters Needed

Last updated 9/18/2019

GGLRR foster homes are often full when we find special Labs who we think deserve a chance. These Labs are in the process of getting into our program (evaluation, vet visit, etc) and having a foster identified gets us one step further in finding a forever home.

Find out more about fostering and contact the rep listed if you are interested in helping in this key way. These Labs will be added to our Labs Available page when they are ready for adoption.

Not Yet Available for Adoption

Video: Pink and Purple bopping around

Video: Leash walk with Pink and Purple

Video: Hanging out with Pink and Purple

Pink and Purple: female black Lab
Age: ~ 2 years old

Background: These two girls were found wandering the streets of Oakley more than a month ago. A wonderful good Samaritan took them in, notified the county shelter, and has cared for them for more than five weeks. No one came looking for the dogs. Ugh! This family is unable to keep them and they have enlisted our help to find them new forever homes. We are calling them “Pink” and “Purple” based on the color of their collars. Pink and Purple bopping around – Leash walk with Pink and Purple – Hanging out with Pink and Purple -- What the good Samaritan says: These two wonderful dogs have been residing at our home for more than a month but our schedule prevents us from keeping them. They are fine with people of all ages, including children. They are loving and gentle. They both sleep quietly on the floor in my bedroom at night. They seem to know some basic commands including “sit”, “stay”, “come”, “drop”, and “leave it”. What their Rescue Rep says: Are these two dog sister siblings? Are they mother-daughter? We do not know. We do believe that they would do best if adopted into separate homes so they can develop and flourish on their own. They are playful and engaging. Not so interested in toys though. Need some instruction on how to walk on leash. Medical Information: Both dogs appears to be in fine health. We will get them to our vet in the near future for full check-ups, vaccinations, microchipping, and spaying. Pink and Purple are located in: Oakley.

If you are interested in fostering one of these girls, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at or 415-686-4248.

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Video: Rocky bopping around

Video: Rocky on a leash walk

Video: Rocky playing tug with another dog

Video: Rocky and 1-year-old baby

Rocky: male black Lab
Age: 10 years old

Background: Rocky is being surrendered by his family as they recently moved and are not able to keep him at their new apartment.

What Rocky’s owners say: We are not able to care for Rocky given our new/current apartment circumstances and very long work hours. Our family has had Rocky for three years, as we adopted him from a rescue in New Mexico. He has been around all ages of kids, many dogs and even cats. He loves them all. Rocky is house-broken and was crate-trained in the past – although we do not currently crate him. Rocky sleeps and hangs out wherever he wants to. Rocky loves his walks and is currently getting 2-3 15-minute walks each day – we suspect he could walk much longer [Can you say “Energizer Bunny”?]. He loves to ride in the car, likes too swim, and is a pretty darn good fetcher. Rocky also has some nice recall. He is pretty proficient at “sit”, “stay”, and “come”.

What Rocky’s Rescue Rep says: One fabulous family dog. Would be a great dog for a family with kids… and/or another dog… and/or a cat that gets along with dogs. He is just one happy-go-lucky boy that has a lovely energy level. Pulls a little on leash, but not bad. Wonderfully playful… although you better watch your fingers when you give him a treat.

Medical Information: Appears to be in good health, albeit a few pounds overweight. Already neutered and microchipped, Rocky will soon be brought up to speed on Rabies and distemper vax and heartworm test. He’ll be headed to vet soon for a full checkup. His current owner did state that Rocky has a seizure every 3-4 months… that lasts a few minutes… but Rocky is not on any anti-seizure meds due to the infrequency of the seizures.

Rocky is located in: Vallejo.

If you are interested in fostering Rocky, please contact Liz at

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Video: Pepper roaming around

Pepper: male black Lab
Age: 13 years old

Background: This guy was surrendered to Oakland Animal Services by an owner who has health issues and could no longer care for him. Pepper was mostly kept as an outside dog.

Rescue Rep comments. Pepper appears to be in pretty darn good health. Needs a good bath. Passed my eval, including meet-up with a smaller dog. Little interest in squeaky ball – need to show him how much fun he could be having with it. Did welcome treats. and affection/touch when he was in close. May be hard of hearing. Pepper does need to be neutered.

Please contact Rescue Rep Dave at or 415-686-4248 if you are willing to foster this guy and allow him to rest and relax in a loving home while we search for his new forever home.

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Video: Rex

Rex: Yellow Male
Age: 7 years old

Background: This guy was confiscated along with several other dogs… and is being held at Stanislaus Animal Service Agency. He appears to be a great dog just caught up in some human issues that have nothing to do with him – NFI. He may have some issues/weakness with his back legs, and is recovering from a flea affliction.

Rescue Rep comments: We have not fully evaluated this guy, but intend to do so in the near future. We would love to have a foster lined up for him when he passes muster and we pull him out of the shelter.

Please contact Rescue Rep Dave at or 415-686-4248 if you are willing to foster this guy and allow him to rest and relax in a loving home while we search for his new forever home.

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Our volunteers donate their personal time & phones so please only call during reasonable hours (8am - 8pm). The Rescue Rep identified in the dog posting is the only person with information about the dog - please only contact the designated volunteer. We do call everyone back within 2-3 days so please be patient. We work very hard to make the right matches for the dogs and for the new owners. We get 3-5 dogs per week; we do not have a facility where the dogs are housed, they are in foster homes throughout the Bay Area.